Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chinese Parents Chained Son In Bedroom To Teach Him Lesson (PHOTOS)

Parents of 24-year-old Chuang Yuan from China confessed to chaining their son in his bedroom, because they had no other option to stop him stealing.

Photo: Chuang Yuan chained by own parents
Father Wen Yuan put a concrete block in the young man's room, attached one side of the chain to this block and tied the other side round his neck.
Wen explained that he was afraid that his son, having passion for stealing, might soon be jailed. According to the father, on many occasions he had to compensate their neighbours and apologise for Chuang's actions.
When the head of the family could not tolerate it any longer, he decided that his son's freedom of movement needed to be restricted until he learned his lesson.

Photo: Chuang Yuan chained by own parents
"I don't think that once he had been jailed there would be any chance of correcting him and so we have kept him at home and chained him up to remind him exactly what a wonderful thing it is to have freedom."
The strict father promised to unchain Chuang as soon as he prepares to be a member of the community.

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