Wednesday, 12 February 2014

PHOTOS: Ericsson Staff Breaks Bus Driver's Head On Third Mainland Bridge, Offers Him Money

A Yaba bus driver has been attacked by staff of Ericsson on the third mainland bridge in Lagos.
According to report, the bus driver was on his lane when a coaster bus belonging to Ericsson came from the right and entered in front of him. In the process of playing smart, the Ericsson driver scratched his bus. He then came down and started harassing the Yaba bus driver.

Ericson staff harassing the Yaba bus driver
The staff of Ericsson who decided to flex their muscles came down from their bus and beat up the Yaba bus driver, breaking his head and causing him to bleed all because of their own driver's irresponsibility.

The beaten-up driver
They then called for back-up from their office and even had the effrontery to offer the driver with broken head N10k to go treat himself because according to them, they were being delayed.

Ericsson driver pressing his phone

Mudasiru Ilesanmi, staff of ericsson

Ericsson bus plate number

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