Friday, 31 January 2014

PHOTOS: Woman Strips Completely Naked And Jumps Off Building

A 53-year-old woman identified as Sandra D’Auriol, reportedly jumped to her death off a 15 story building in Beverly Hills after awaking from a surgical procedure.

The socialite who once worked for a jewelry company which supplies the royal family, took her own life on the 22nd of this months.
Investigations are still going on as to why she did it, or whether she even meant to kill herself; but so far, investigators believe she may have reacted badly to the anesthesia she was injected to undergo surgery, and may not have been thinking straight as at when she climbed to the roof of the building.

According to reports, the deceased underwent a face lift procedure performed by sought-after surgeon Brian Novak. She awoke after the procedure only to strip naked and fall to her death.
She was seen standing nude atop the Camden Medical Arts building for about three hours while police tried to talk her down, until she finally leaped off the building and crash landed on the floor.
She was rushed to a local hospital but died while undergoing treatment.

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