Friday, 21 March 2014

TRAGIC: Mast Collapses, Crushes Little Girl, Man, Injures 3 Others [PHOTO]

A telecommunication mast erected in a residential area in Odukpani, near Calabar, has collapsed, killing two persons and injuring three others.

The fallen mast also destroyed several houses on its path on March 19.
Eyewitnesses told journalists on Thursday that 11 years old Miss Lawrencia Asuquo, and businessman, Adindu Fynecountry, from Abia, died on the spot when struck by the falling mast.
Eyewitnesses said the mast fell shortly after a brief stormy rain.
Secretary of Odukpani Local Government Area, Mr Eyet Eyibio said: “we are yet to conduct a study of the situation. We will come out with a comprehensive report on the disaster.
“But I will describe the incident as quite unfortunate.
“Relevant departments of the council will do a study of the disaster in concert with other agencies of government and the mast owners and take steps to forestall further occurrence.
“We will also plan a remedial measure that will help to ameliorate the plight of the victims’’, he said.
Owners of the mast declined to comment but top sources in the company confirmed the incident, saying they have sent emissary to the families of the victims.
“This is to ensure that they have temporary palliative while awaiting instructions from the company’s headquarters in Lagos.

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