Thursday, 30 January 2014

WEIRD: President Obama's Former Drug Dealer Beaten To Death By Gay Lover

A marijuana dealer who served President Barack Obama during his high school years was beaten to death by his gay lover.
Although the murder was committed several years ago, the details were revealed this week.
The dealer Raymond Boyer was known to Obama and his 'Choom Gang' as 'Gay Ray', and used to sell the President and his friends weed. The 37-year-old was beaten to death with a hammer seven years ago by his lover Andrew Devere, a prostitute.
Devere gave a long list of reasons for the murder, including that Boyer, who was an unemployed chef and a surfer, had put him down, made him beg for drugs, and regularly broke wind in his face.
After serving as the President-to-be's dealer, Boyer lost his job as the manager of a pizzeria and lived on welfare. Devere was jailed for life for the murder, but was released in 2007.
US President Barack Obama has never denied taking marijuana in his youth, and recently said he thought marijuana was no worse than alcohol.

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