Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fire outbreak at Apapa; 18 dead

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Just as the year begins with a fresh week, commercial activities has gotten back its ground, it is not a good one for many at the berger Suya at Apapa lagos at 10pm last night a tanker lost it brake and there was fire outbreak till this morning.
By the time got there the fire was already put out but An eyewitness Mr john told this afternoon that it all started with a tanker who just loaded its tank at Kirikiri depot, the brake failed and fell near a man selling suya, the suya man ran for his life but for some reasons which was known to him, he came back to carry his suya and he caught fire at the spot.

A commercial bus carrying passengers too joined in the unfortunate incident while passing, a bank close to where the incident happened caught fire with its two security men on guard, a car parked inside the bank was not left out, no property was recovered.

The tanker is said to have being carrying a 33litre petrol when it lost its brake, other eyewitness were speechless. 18 bodies were found with some bones ...they were burnt to ashes. It was a gory sight.......
Hmmm so sad, its still on the news

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