Friday, 31 January 2014

Amazing: Actress Shan George Clears The Air On The Identity Of Her Sons [Pictures]

Nollywood star actress, Shan George may be beautiful and have a good sense of humour but she is one woman with a lot of controversies about relationships in her life.

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First, she was Mrs. Nwosisi then she metamorphosed into Mrs. Momoh Osigwe and later to Mrs. Jaiyeola and before one could start to register the letter to her name she switched over to her maiden name again, Ms. George. She was recently asked why she has been so unfortunate in this regards and she allegedly fumed with rage and responded thus “I don’t know o. sometime I ask myself why it happens like that. I don’t know why my marriages will just collapse like a house that has no solid foundation. Honestly it bothers me, may be I am just unlucky”

The actress meanwhile has cleared the air on her two sons, The two cute boys you see in the pictures are her real children. The one in black T.shirt is her first son Delnoi (27),Works as a director in his fathers’ s company ZYX Ltd. Continue to see more pictures

The other one in white top is JAGA (25),Hip hop Musician, used to be known as ‘mista dry gin’ who had at a time released a maiden single, Egba mi to follow up on his growing influence and acceptance in the UK.

The starlet who released eight mix-tapes within the space of three years also works as a producer and sound engineer.
He won’t ride on his mum’s success but rather work hard to make a name for himself. It feels good . They both graduated from University of East London UK.

After these two wonderful boys, Shan is still bouncing and looking fresh like under 30

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